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Digital Marketing means use of internet or other digital sites to promote your product on social platforms it is nothing but a traditional method of marketing and can be termed as modern marketing .

Nowadays , industries companies from all the sectors from all over the world rely on digital marketing as it is and easy and cost effective way to promote their product to a large number of people with different age group , different necessities etc. can see their product as most of the people in the world are well versed with the use of mobile phone or any kind of technical machine which can be used as an medium for promoting .

Let’s take in for instance:

When you want to buy some thing you always go online search for the product check the prices , reviews , quality , compare the same product from different companies then make the decision whether to buy it or not .

Most of the decisions of purchasing begins online . Hence , it is important to have to your presence digitally as well . 

How one can be successful in digital marketing :

- Try to do more visual marketing attract people by good content to show . 

- Get involved in paid advertising in Social Media Platforms .

- Be updated with all kinds of technology and gadgets .

- Learn how to attract people on social media to create traffic 

- Have a better content writer to grab attention of the people on first glance itself . 

Therefore , one should be extremely careful while opting for digital marketing . 

Digital Marketing is all being present everywhere your customers is. Its like the old 'Vodafone ad', where the dog follows you everywhere. With tools like Google Remarketing, you can actually follow your customer joinery online and make decisions.

Digital Marketing is divided into 4 main categories:
1. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin etc.
2. Search Engine Optimisation on Google, Yahoo, Bing
3. SMS, Email and WhatsApp Campaigns
4. Youtube / Video Marketing

Note: we will be coming out with articles and videos on individual categories and deep dive in !